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Date: Jan 4, 2005

This word is submitted by Jim Clapper (jclapper@techteam.com)


                     Spend Time With Me

I desire to communicate with My children.  But in order to do this, I 
need you to spend time with Me. Read My word, learn of Me and see how 
I have communicated with My people in the past. I long to do the same 
with you.  

But you must take the time to listen to Me, in order for this to happen.
I have many ways of speaking to My people, through My written word, 
through the still small voice, through your experiences and many more. 
For you to recognize My voice, you must learn more of Me and spend time 
in My presence.  Spend time reading My word, praying and worshiping Me. 
Enter into My presence through worship, for I inhabit the worship of My 
people. That is where I will meet you. 

I long for you to hear My voice, but it is up to you to move toward Me. 
I will not force Myself upon you.  Instead I wait patiently for you to 
come to Me and come into My presence, where I may communicate directly 
with you.  Seek Me and you will find Me. Listen, and you will hear My 
voice. Come to Me, My children, for I desire to spend time with you, to 
reveal and share Myself with you. I have many good things to tell you, 
to give you and to show you. But in order to receive them, it is up to 
you to come to Me and ask for them.  

I ask that you take the time to come to Me.  Spend time with Me and see 
what I have for you.