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The Songs You Sing

by Teresa Seputis

Originally from: Teresa Seputis <TeresaS@xc.org>

Originally dated: 17 Mar. 1999

Some of you sing songs that invite Me to refine you in your worship on Sundays. Don't you realize that when you sing these songs your are singing prayers? Don't you understand what you are asking Me to do? I answer these prayers you sing because you are asking Me for good things, even though you don't understand what you pray or why.

Children, I would refine you that your joy might be full. The things that I am refining in you are so that you might walk in the fullness of all that I have for you -- that your joy might be full.

Have you not seen a child play with a dangerous toy, and then when the parent takes that toy away, the child cries. But if the parent were to allow the child to play with it and to hurt itself, that child would be crying much worse.

I am a good and loving father, who cares well for My children. I am taking away your dangerous toys because I love you. I am giving you good things in their place. Let go. Don't make Me pry it from your fingers.. for what I would give you in place of sin and darkness and woundedness and hurt is My glory and My nature and My goodness and My power. Embrace them, for they are good things. I give good gifts to My children whom I love, and I love you, My children..

I desire to work My nature and My character in you. And I am doing an excellent work in you. I am removing from you the things that are contrary to My nature. In their place I am imparting My giftings and My anointings. I am working my transformation and my refinement in you, that your joy will increase and you will be able to rise up and take your place.. the place that I have appointed for you... that you will fulfill the destiny and calling that I have placed on your life.

So continue to sing your prayers to Me, children. But understand what it is you are singing and what it is you are praying. And rejoice when I work in your life to answer them.. for I am doing a good work in you and I am giving you a good thing.

Blessings - Teresa

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