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What Part of "Warfare" Don't You Understand?

by Bob Hazlett

Originally from: Bob Hazlett <Rhazlett66@aol.com>

Originally dated: 16 Mar. 1999

What part of "warfare" don't you understand?

Many of you are asking:
Why is the battle so intense?
Why am I feeling so attacked?
Why does the war not cease?

My warrior/children...
Did I not tell you there is an adversary?
Did I not warn you there would be tribulation in this world?
Did I not make it clear that you were at war?

But take heart...I have already defeated your enemy!
Take heart...I have overcome this world!
Take heart...the war you are now facing is making you stronger!

See it is I who have created the blacksmith.
And it is I who have created the destroyer.
But it is through the fire and the forging
that you become a weapon fit for MY use.
So even your enemy serves MY purpose.

Yes, it is a war you are going through.
And it is THAT war that is turning you into a warrior.
So take heart...
You are not growing weaker, but STRONGER!
You are not retreating, but ADVANCING!
You are not defeated, but MORE THAN CONQUERORS!

Go on mighty warriors, face the war,
It is what makes you stronger!
And I have already WON!!!

Bob Hazlett

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