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Just Sharing

by Donna Cox

Originally from: Donna Cox <Saintdrc@aol.com>

Originally dated: 26 Oct. 1998

I was talking with the Lord tonight, and this is what he shared with me, so I thought I would share it with you....

My servants must learn to be silent before Me. They must learn to listen for My directions. This is not the time nor season to assume I am speaking the same directions to each one, for I can assure you ... I am not.

This is the time and season of listening before proceeding. Because of this, what has worked before, shall not work now. I have allowed ones to "get by" with some things in the past that I will not now tolerate.

And no .... I do not do this to harm you, nor because I delight in being strict. I do this out of My love for you so that you do not proceed into harmful situations. ~

I had the strong sense that He was "alerting" us to the times and seasons, alerting us so that we could move profitably with him.

His servant ~ Donna

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