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by Terry Ricklifs

Originally from: Terry Ricklifs <TRick71290@aol.com>

Originally dated: 21 Oct. 1998

The Lord gave me this a week ago and I feel I am to post it:

Do not despise the day of small beginnings-if you are faithful in little, in even the little words of encouragement for one another, these words will yield a great increase.

Also, be faithful with every word that comes from your mouth. Bitter and sweet words cannot come from the same well. There will be an increase in anointing and accuracy for the prophetic but it will only come to those who have yielded their tongues fully to Me and have allowed Me to process them. Gone will be the days of seeing men and women walking in power but without character. Some of you have desired to speak My words more accurately and I will give it- I will reveal names, dates, places and more. Others of you desire other things and I will grant it but you must be faithful in little- right now as you walk you determine whether or not you will have these things in days to come.

In Him
- Terry

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