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March Forth

by Donna Cox

Originally from: Donna Cox <Saintdrc@aol.com>

Originally dated: 23 Jul. 1998

Feel My presence breathe across this nation...Look for Me, for I am everywhere, I am in the smile of a child ...and I am in the tears of the destitute. Look for Me, do not take your eyes from Me, or you will miss what I am about doing in this hour.

I am purifying the hearts of My people...My children...My servants. Yes, purifying...those of you who have reached out eagerly for this refining will be given an increase...An increase of My power, you will be given an increase to do the "signs and wonders," you have longed to do...and you shall be given an increase of discernment, and wisdom, to protect you as you go about My work.

Those of you who have chosen to fulfill My calling upon your lives, have undergone extensive rigorous training. You have chosen to stand firm, even though at times you "felt" as if you were truly dying... Well children, you were dying...dying to your flesh. Dying to your own plans..your own personal agendas, for only then, could you fully possess and walk out My plans..My agenda. This training has made you strong, bold, courageous...and more important than that..it is where your servant's heart was formed...

I am going to send many of you, to ones in the streets.. the forgotten, the outcasts, the unlovely, the destitute. Others I am sending to the widows and the brokenhearted.......some will be sent to the children, and a few will be sent to the church. All of you will be sent as My ambassadors.. All will be sent with "signs and wonders following." All will see, and participate in the miraculous.

And all of you shall receive healing and restoration for the wounds you have incurred in My service..You shall go forth.. free...healed, restored...You shall go forth with the victory grasped fully in hand.

For in this time and season, I am bringing forth a new "SHOUT," a new song, and a new dance. I am arming you with a Battle Cry that shall be heard throughout the universe.

It is time to...
March Forth! March Forth!
Sounding the Battle Cry!
Shouting the Victory!
Singing My War Songs!
Dancing My War Dance!
Rise Up and Come Forth, Oh Man of God...oh Woman of God!
I Call You Forth ....
Come Forth and Take Your Place....
It Is Time
Come Forth!
Possess The Land!

His servant,

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