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The Plan

by Vicky Karanicas

Originally from: Vicky Karanicas <VKstarlit@aol.com>

Originally dated: 23 Jul. 1998

I believe the Lord gave me this word this morning. I believe this is for intercessors.

July 23,1998 am

"The Plan"

Numerous armies are being called; called for battle, being dressed for battle, seeking My face!

The valiant soldier arises in shining armor. My armor. Ready to face the enemy. With his sword sharpened, he prepares.

The warrior's cries reach heaven.

The commander and chief responds with an echoing voice that is heard by all His people.

"Rise up! Take this land! With your sharpened swords and your armor in place- You have the power, My power to take the enemy to conquer and take this land.

Gather. Gather together at the appointed time, and you shall see My greatness! The enemy cannot stand against My army. For I am sending Her in power and in My righteousness.

No fear, no fear. For I am here!

Disperse now, go forth into the land and take hold of it!

Do not hesitate, go- go- go mighty army of God.

The enemy will tremble.

Everything that is not of Me will be shaken, and tumble like a castle of sand washed away by the wave.

The earth is Mine! says the Lord of hosts.

Mine, and no enemy shall stand.

For My glory will show forth 100 times greater than the sun's light.

All that refuse to bow before Me will be blinded and scattered.

Take heed now to the voice of Your God. Listen, listen, listen. And watch!

For I have the plan: Not man.

Go now in strength and power, and possess the Land.

And watch as I pour My Spirit out on all flesh!

Vicky Karanicas

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