Prophetic-School Words: Winds Of Change

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Winds Of Change (by Morris Ruddick)

Originally from: (Morris Ruddick)
Originally dated: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 03:49:30 -0700

I sensed the Lord stirring in my heart concerning "winds of change." There is indeed much change coming to the world we live in ..... the foundations are being shaken. The winds of this change are already in evidence in the atmosphere. But the Lord would have us draw ever closer to Him ...... to remove obstacles that would hinder our trust and our intimate, ongoing relationship with Him. Make your priority to STAY CLOSE TO HIM.

The closer we move to Him; the closer we fellowship with Him; the less impact the changes that are fast coming upon the earth will have on us. And know that there is a place (In HIM) to where the change won't touch. He is always going to have a way ...... where there is no way ..... for those who reside in His presence.

But LISTEN ....... LISTEN ...... listen closely to HIM ...... to each there is guidance ..... and to each a Word. With the guidance will be encouragement. The encouragement will activate faith for the situation. And as we move in trust and faith in Him .... obediently as servants of the Most High ..... hearing His voice ..... we will find ourselves being used ..... used in ways that far exceed anything we may have anticipated in the natural ....... used as instruments of God's purposes in one of the most pivotal moves of God the world has ever seen.

Morris Ruddick

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