Prophetic-School Words: The Golden Sword

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The Golden Sword (by Carl Killingsworth)

Originally from: "Carl R. Killingsworth" (
Originally dated: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 23:15:34 -0600 (CST)

I believe the Lord is saying to this group;

** The Golden Sword is being drawn from the sheath. Never before in the history of the Church has the prophetic ministry been called forth in the measure that I now call it forth.

My Word is a sharp two-edged Sword, not only the written Word, but the prophetic voice of the Church.

And I am in these last days training you to handle the Sword with skill and precision, so that like the Mighty Men of David, you will do exploits in My Name.

Look around you! Have I called the talented or the elite of this day? I have called the outcast, the misfit, the torn and broken, those who have suffered much in this life to be My swordsmen.

Train hard! Learn well! For the day of battle is near. **

in the rain.....

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