Prophetic-School: Hermeneutics #2

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Hermeneutics #2 (Andy and Jane Fitz-Gibbon)

Originally from: (Andy and Jane Fitz-Gibbon)

Originally dated: Tue, 9 Sep 1997 07:13:59 -0400


Thought I'd run something by you all regarding interpretation of prophetic words. How much is interpretation influenced by our life experiences?

Today, Andy and I spent a very pleasant morning with another couple from the next town. He is the pastor of a large church there. We have ministered together on many occasions, and love to bounce ideas off each other, etc. They have a very tried and tested prophetic ministry which is much valued in this area.

They had just spent a week at a 'Celebration' with other churches who are within their particular network. The weather had been poor and one day they had been on a very severe Tornado watch, which resulted in several hundred being crammed together in a large cellar!

Once back at home this pastor had gathered together those within his church who are prophetic to see if the Lord had spoken during the tornado. . .the words they received were that the Lord was 'gathering' together. Before this time the teenager, children etc had all been in separate groups. It spoke significantly to them about families etc.

Now this particular church's main emphases are on family and covenental relationships (and have been for many years). Therefore they interpreted words through that particular paradigm. I was feeling that given the same circumstances we would have interpreted a 'tornado' in very different ways (I realise. of course, that I can't possibly know how God may have spoken). But given the paradigm I would view it through, (which would be very much through renewal where the symbols of wind, fire, water have become very powerful) there would certainly have been a very different premise whilst listening for God to speak.

I'm not looking here at whether a particular interpretation is 'right' or 'wrong', but simply how much our own experiences, history, viewpoints etc actually frame the way interpretation is perceived and received.

The point of this being that we all need to become aware of the assumptions and presuppositions which we bring to interpretation.

Blessings, Jane

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