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Your Intercession in New Orleans-Aug '95)

by Lucy Deliganis

Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 12:20:14 -0500

From: Tom Deliganis

To: ts@godspeak.org

Subject: Your Intercession in New Orleans-Aug '95

I read your testimony regarding New Orleans and the way God called you to interceed.

It really blessed me and the main reason why is because I was in New Orleans the day it was supposed to hit. My father was critically ill in Oschner Clinic in New Orleans and had been transferred to intensive care. He had been there since the first of June due to lung cancer. My mother was at the hospital by herself the few days before the hurricane. I was due to fly in that Friday.

My mother was extremely stressed out and very insecure being by herself with my father. My mother kept telling me I needed to make reservations to come in on Thursday but for some reason I wasn't getting it. Then sure enough that night the news reports were saying the hurricane was going to hit New Orleans. I was up praying the hurricane would not hit and would bypass New Orleans. I was able to fly in from Houston the next morning and it really seemed like a miracle that the hurricane had not hit.

So I am very grateful for your prayers because I really needed to be there with my mother. I certainly don't think what you believe was a call from the Lord to pray was your imagination.

Last summer I was in New Orleans with my family and in the evening we walked around Jackson Square. As soon as we entered that area I felt an oppresssion and evil like I had never felt. I asked my husband about it and although he is a christian he did not feel it. I soon saw why I did because there were many booths set up in that area with people telling fortunes and having their tarot cards out. I spoke to my husband and my children using it has a lesson regarding what to stay away from for my children.

I felt like the Lord allowed me to feel the oppression so that I could pray for this area. Your testimony really speaks of God's mercy to a city and His desire for all to repent.

We will be there again this Sunday, and I believe I will pray along the same lines that the Lord gave you, asking God to bring repentence to this city and make all things new.

In Him,


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