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Healing Anointing(July 20, 1996)

Randy Clark is doing a 3 day renewal conference this weekend in San Jose, which is about a 45-50 minute drive from my house. I've had the priviledge of being on the ministry team. God has been doing great and awesome things and it has been so much fun partisipating in this! There is a prophetic clarity operating at this conference (maybe from Larry Randolf, who is the other keynote speaker at this 3 day conference). It is so easy and effortless to know exactly what to pray for each person and there is an abundance of accurate words of knowledge. (I wish I could operate in this level of prophetic anoiting all of the time!)

Last night Randy had a call for people to come up who felt God wanted to give them a healing anointing to take to the streets. That is something the Lord had been putting on my heart for the longest time and when Randy gave that call the power of God really fell on me. I went up for that call. Randy prayed for many of us who went up, including me. When he prayed for me, it felt like thunder and lightening and the power of God really fell on me. It stood there and took it for a while and then I let myself fall. After I was on the floor, I began to wonder if maybe I'd gone down too soon and messed things up. But God reminded me that the anointing came from Him, not Randy. He said that I couldn't possibly mess this up, no matter what I did. All the same, I asked Him if He'd give me some sign that this was really an impartation of anointing from Him and not just some experience. I was out for over 1.5 hours and the Lord really spoke to me.

When I got up, I wandered over to a small group of my friends. I had not even been off the ground 3 minutes when Chad (one of the group) said, "I've been waiting all weekend for someone to pray for my knee. Will you pray for it?" So I bend down and started praying for his knee... nothing elegent, just a simple prayer. I could feel a very gentle heat going through my hands. I prayed under my breath "Lord, if there really is a healing anointing imparted to me tonight, it sure would be nice if You would heal this knee." Not much seemed be happening. I looked up at Chad's face. He was bent almost in half and the Lord's anointing was all over him. He would have already gone down if a couple of people had not propped him up. So much power had come on him so fast, and I had not even seen it happen because I was kneeling down and looking at his knee. So, I asked Chad how the knee was doing. He tried it out and there was a lot less pain. But there was still some pain. So I prayed some more. The muscles began to really twitch...at first I was afraid maybe he was having a muscle spasm, except that he had this look of glee on his face and did not appear to be in pain. Then his kneecap popped and moved a bit. It really surprised me. I asked Chad if he felt that. He said yes, that something had moved around. The pain seemed to be gone, except for a little spot below his kneecap. So I prayed for him again and he decided to lay down rather than remain propped up by our friends. So I prayed until I did not feel any more heat. Chad was "out for the count". So, I moved on to pray for a few others. When I remembered Chad, he'd already gone back to his hotel room. I didn't seem him this morning because he went to Randy's conference and I went to my own Church. But I can hardly wait to see him this evening and to find out if the last traces of pain went away!

At church today, four of the six people I prayed for ended up needing physical healing. Two of them were nonbelievers. Immagine that... two non-believers coming up for prayer at church! One of them is an ex-drug addict who recently got out of jail and doesn't want to go back on drugs. He also had to use a cane to walk, even though he is not very old -- maybe 45. I had a word of knowledge that he was not saved so I asked him about it. He said he was catholic. He invited Jesus to be his savior once, but nothing happened. I asked him if he'd accept Jesus as his lord if Jesus revealed Himself to him. He said yes, so we got to pray that along with the prayer for physical healing and for a release from drug addiction. Then I took him to some people for follow up with the drug addiction problems. I don't know if God healed him physically or not, but he wept like a baby while I prayed for him.

The other person I prayed for who did not know Jesus was a young retarded girl who also has cerbral palsy and a speech impediment. Her parents are strong christians, but she is only 4 and is on the "slow" side. They haven't yet led her to the Lord because she does not have enough mental capacity to understand much. But maybe when she is 8 or 9. Wouldn't it be neat if the Lord started a healing process in her so that her mental capacity comes back and she can understand enough to receive Jesus sooner!

Only one of the 4 people that I prayed for reported any physical healing, and it was only a partial healing. But it was a healing! And it is clear that the Lord was tangibly doing something in the man who just got out of jail and wanted help to stay off of drugs.

It's a good start. Randy taught that in the healing ministry we have some really neat victories, but we also have some defeats (where nothing seems to happen). Both come with the healing anointing because not everyone is healed. He called it "the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat."

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