GodSpeak International Course Rerprint Information

GodSpeak International offers sereral classes in the ares of Prayer & Intercession, Hearing God, the Prophetic, Missions and many other topics. (For a list of classes, click here.) If you would like to use one of these courses in your church or missions ourtreach, we do give permission, providing that GodSpeak International owns the copyright. We have some courses where the author holds the copyright.. in those cases you must write the copyright holder for permission to use the material.

In order to obtain copyright reuse/reprint permission from GodSpeak International, you must meet the following:

  1. You must either be the pastor or the church, head of the ministry, or you must have obtained permission from the pastor/minsitry leader to use this material in their church/ministry.
  2. You must supply us with the following information:
    1. Your first and last name.
    2. The first/last name of your pastor.
    3. The of your church and city, state/providence, country it is located in.
    4. how this info is being used in your church (sunday school class, home group, speciail training (for ministry team or for intercessors or for leaders, etc)
    5. The name of the specific teaching series that you are asking to use. We never give carte blanche permission for using all of our material. Each course must be requested/granted by name.
    6. The time frame of when you intend to use this course material in your church.
  3. You must not make a profit from this free material. It is ok to charge the students for the cost of reproducing (printing or photocopying) the materials, but you may NOT charge more that your real reproduction costs. You may take freewill offerings but you must not charge mandatory admission to the sessions where the material is taught, etc.
  4. You must provide information about where this material is being used and why. This infomation much include the name of the church or ministry, the name of the head of that church or ministry, a statement that the ministry head or pastor has given their perimssion to use it, the location of the church/ministry (city, state or providence, country). Examples of how it is being used include things like, training new believers, adult sunday school class, ministry team training, etc.
  5. You must agree not to modify or alter the writen material in any manner. Any given lesson must be reproduced in its entirity, including the copyright statement and acknowledgement block.
  6. You must obtain written permssion from the Director of GodSpeak International (Teresa Seputis ts@godspeak.net) before translating this material into another language.
  7. The material may not be replicated on any web sites. However you may link to the GodSpeak Teaching material on the GodSpeak WWW site if you desire.

If you desire to obtian permission to use a teaching series in your church or mission, you must write and obtain perimssion. Send your request to <copyright@godspeak.net>. Be sure to specify the name of the couse you wish to use, such as PS101 or Prayer school Course 7 "Stir Up The Gift". And be sure to supply the information requested above: your name, name of pastor/leader, name of church or ministry, location (city, state or providence, country), how material will be used (e.g, ministry team traning, etc), and a statement that you will not attempt to make a financial profit from use of this free material.

A representative of GodSpeak International will write you back (via email) to grant permission or to request additional infomation. Please allow up to a week between when you request permission and when a GodSpeak representative replies to you.