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Date: Sep 23, 2002

This word is submitted by Teresa Seputis (ts@godspeak.org)


                      I Am Teaching You To War

Child of mine, shake off the things that hinder you and hold you back.
For I say to you that My plans and purposes for you are for you to 
overcome and walk in My victory.  Know that My victory is not always
the easiest path, for I am training you to war, that you may become
an overcomer.  

I am training you to walk in faith and I am training you to trust in 
Me.  This means I have to put you into trust-producing situations, where 
you cannot resolve the situation from your own resources.  Watch how I 
will come through for you. Do not worry and do not fret. Simply know that 
I am faithful and I am able.  

I am your deliverer, and just as I delivered the people of Israel from 
the bondage of Egypt, so will I bring you into a place of victory in 
your own situation.  Yes, My deliverance may be slower at times than you 
like, but it is dependable and it will surely come.  Yes, you may be 
asked to "gather straw to make your own bricks" as I work My deliverance 
in your situation.  In other words, things may appear to get worse
before they get better.  Do NOT fret when this occurs.  Know that I
am with you and I will lift you up and I will bring you to that land
flowing with milk and honey.  I will cause you to possess the land and
I will deliver victory into your hands, for I am able and I am ever with
you and I am migthy on your behalf.  

Yes, I am teaching you to war and yes, I am teaching you to overcome. My
plans for you are good.  My victory is sweet and My promises are true.
Do not grow faint, do not loose heart.  Do not look to your circumstances,
but looke to Me, your rock and your deliverer.  I am with you and none of
the plans of the enemy against you shall prevail.  Keep your eyes fixed
on Me. Be attentive to My voice and My leading.  Be quick to obey what
I command.  I will empower you and I will make you an overcomer as you 
watch Me and do what I am doing in My timing and at My direction.

Shout with joy, child of Mine, for your victory is at hand.  I will teach
you to war effectively and I will lead you into the victory.  I will 
restore your strenght and your ferver so that you are able to take the
land I have given you.  I have called you to victory, I have destined you
as an overcomer, and I will deliver your enemy into your hand.  You will
enjoy the spoils of victory and all that you have lost shall be restored to
you many times.  This is My plan and My purpose for you.  

So gird up your lions, restore your strength and hope in Me.  For I will
bring it to pass and I will fight with you on your behalf and I will thrust
you into the place of victory.  This is My destiny for you.  I have ordained
you to be an overcomer through My power and My anointing.  Rise up child
of Mine, and learn to war.  For as you fight at My direction, I shall give
you the victory.