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Date: Sep 9, 2005

This word is submitted by James Donovan (JDono78832@aol.com)


                    Fulfill Your Destiny
I have spoken to you and called you forth to hearken to My voice and receive 
of Me, My chosen one. Yes, I have chosen you to be My conduit, to flow in My 
love. As you freely receive, give My love freely -- yes, give it away.  Out 
of your mouth gate shall flow words of encouragement and life to many in this 
time of darkness and great turmoil. There are many people that are desperate 
and hurting. I have called you to encourage and speak words of life. My 
desire is none shall perish, but all shall have life, and life abundantly.
Sound the trumpet that I am alive and flowing through yielded vessels. Yes, 
I am not on the cross any longer, but I am alive and flowing through My 
called ones, My conduits of love and power and authority. Then you shall 
see restoration upon the earth; you shall see signs, wonders and miracles. 
These are the days of a mighty outpouring of My Spirit!
I am alive and flowing like a mighty river throughout the world in these 
days. I am a God that restores and renews life to My people. So arise, My 
people; be faithful to your call, your destiny. These are days of much 
tribulation, but in Me you are more than conquerors. My Spirit shall prevail. 
The winds and storms of life shall not prevail, but My word shall prevail. 
As you hearken to My voice and let My Spirit spring up a well, and as you 
flow in My river you bring life to many who are down-trodden and broken in 
spirit. So arise and let My voice be heard throughout the world. Yes, be a 
conduit of My love and My power. You shall bear much fruit for My glory. 
So arise, My chosen vessel! Fulfill your destiny in this hour.