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This is submitted by Carylann Hartley (Chart4God@aol.com)

The Coming Wave

I was praying and as I inhaled I felt the Holy Spirit say, "Drink deeply of the Living Water" and I felt the total peace of God flood through me. Suddenly, as if a warning were sounded, I felt tense and alert. Then I saw this vision.

I was looking at the desert. The sand was shifting some and in front of me was a huge mountain of sand, shaking from the inside and coming down. It was soon completely level before me and still. There had been no wind, only the mountain of sand shaking from within. The Lord then showed me that this was "religion" (not Christianity) and its empire destroyed.

In the far left corner I saw an oasis. It was beautiful and lush with trees and a lake. The water was still, cool and clear. It seemed unharmed by the destruction. I then saw people at the oasis and soon more and more and more people were coming. They think that they are safe but the water has become polluted. I tried to warn them but they won't listen. The more I tried to warn them the more they would try to tell me that everything was fine now that the ground was no longer shaking and moving. They won't believe that the water has become polluted and refuse to even listen. Then the Lord showed me that this is many of the churches today, filled with polluted doctrine. They water it down and tickle the ears to make it an easy, convenient Gospel.

I then saw a huge mountain of water coming from the right side and heard its roar. I tried to warn the people but still they wouldn't listen. I tried repeatedly but they refused to listen. The Lord then showed me that this mountain is the flood of power of the Holy Spirit that is coming. I cried out to the Lord and asked, "What can we, what can I do?" The Lord then answered just one word but He said it three times. He said, "PRAY - PRAY - PRAY".
Then He showed me that this kind of prayer is the deep communion with Him where we focus on Him, worship God, don't get distracted by anything, and hold no unforgiveness in our heart.

God's Power is coming in a way that we've never seen or experienced before. We MUST be ready or we can not stand under the flood of power that is coming. God requires that we not only speak and believe the Word but live as if we believe it. If we don't prepare we will be swept away. We need to be able to stand as this flood of Power comes in these "last days". Prepare now while there is still time.