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Date: Jul 21, 2004

This word is submitted by Jane Larsen (jlarsen65@hotmail.com)


                         Ask and Receive

Ask.  Ask of Me and I will give to you.  I do not give as man gives.  I do
not charge interest, there are no strings attached to My giving, there is no
contract, there are no clauses.  You need to ask of Me, and even before you
have finished asking, I will give, for this I delight in: giving to those
who ask in My name.

You have been almost dormant in a time of preparation, a time of growing, a
time when it seemed that I stood still and you made no progress.  This is
because you were not ready.  Look at the butterfly.  Does it not stay in a
cocoon for a set time?  If it was to be released before it's time, the
beauty and the strength it possesses would not be matured and it would 
come forth crippled and maimed.  When it breaks free, it is perfect, but 
it comes through at the right time, at the time I have set.  Not before 
and not after.  Not too early and not too late.

So you have been covered in this time.  I have covered you with strength,
with peace, with patience, as I worked My work in you.  There has been
trouble all around you, but it has not hurt you, for I have kept you. There
has been dissension everywhere, but it has not affected you, for you have
been growing in My arms.  You appeared to be still, but your spirit was
growing and maturing and learning from this time, the time of stillness. 
It has not been a time of nothing. No, it has been a time of stillness, 
for the time to move on, the time to come forth, will come when it is the 
right time.

Ask of Me and you will receive.  Come before Me and let your prayers be
heard, for I am El Shaddai who listens and hearkens to your voice.  Do not
hold back but come forward and bring with you your tears, your worries,
your joys and your praises.  My thoughts are not that of man and I do not
stand here to condemn you, but to love you and lift you up.  Others would
trample you, but not I, for I am God Almighty, Creator of the heavens and
the earth and He who listens to your prayers.  I will lift you up.  Ask of
Me and receive.