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This word was submitted by Valarie Randleman (vlrdis@ritvax.isc.rit.edu)


Memorial Stones: The Power of Twelve

My sons and daughters, pause and gather in the spirit your memorial stones. These are the stones of remembrance and ultimately Gilgal, a rolling away of reproach in your lives. Each stone has a special meaning for you. Think back and ponder each stone which is now an altar to your god. A place of authority set in place in Me; now it's a marker of the love I have for you and you for Me. Every stone has significance for you; keep its memory fresh and alive. Each stone was borne on your shoulder to the other side. And indeed, when you camped there was your reminder where I, the Lord had brought you from, but also of My faithfulness as Yahweh Saboath, the Commander of the Army.

Rise up in strength, My sons and daughters! Rise up in My power and as I arise, enemies start to scatter! Behold a new thing is indeed unfolding; can you now perceive it? Mark well your memorial stones as I call you forth as Living Stones in My kingdom.

Anchor Scriptures:
Joshua 4:1-9,19-24
Joshua 5:9, 13-15
Is. 43:19
1 Peter 2:4-5

Valarie L. Randleman