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Date: Mar 26, 2004

This word is submitted by Elisabeth Wiering (elisabeth_wiering@yahoo.com)


                      Fear Not!

"Oh you of little faith, why are you so afraid?"

How can you be afraid when I am with you? How could anything possibly 
touch you and hurt you when I am right beside you? The devil can rage 
and threaten, the waves can rise very high so that they seem ready to 
swallow you up, but the moment you turn to Me for help, will I not 
rebuke them?  Don't you believe that I love you, or do you doubt My 
power? Remember My words: "All power has been given to Me in heaven 
and on earth", and "I am with you always, till the end of the world." 
I have given you My word; never will I leave you, never will I 
forsake you.  Don't be afraid; only believe! 

Acknowledge that I have sent you. Acknowledge that I have done it. 
Confess with your mouth My victory, My majesty, My love, My life in 
you.  So will you honor Me and so will I be glorified. My love will 
cover you as a shield. I will be a bulwark around you. I will chase 
away the enemy and put him to flight. For as you uphold My cause, I 
uphold yours. Glorify Me and I will glorify you. Lay down your life, 
and I will give you the true, abundant, indestructible life of My 

The disciples were fearful and discouraged. They had lost hope. 
They did not yet understand or believe in My victory over death. And 
so I came to them when all hope was gone (of catching fish). I came 
to them when the night was over, and showed them that with Me there 
is always hope. I demonstrated that at My Word everything changes 
from a situation of utter despair to one of life, abundance and 

I am your hope, My child. Never depend on circumstances. Don't make 
your decisions on the basis of what you see, but only at My word. 
Wait for Me.  Had My disciples waited for Me, they would not have 
had to toil all night on their own. You also, My child, must wait -- 
wait in My Presence, in quiet confidence, in utter dependence, until 
I give the signal, until you have My word of guidance, which always 
comes at the right moment. Oh, My beloved, follow Me, and let the 
times of waiting be precious moments of fellowship and rest in Me. 

Take courage. Hold on. Go all the way. Persevere. Have not I said it? 
I am your Helper. I stand by your side. My hand is stretched out over 
you. Do not doubt, only believe! Your faith will be rewarded. Did I 
say, wait for Me in vain? No, My child, but blessed are all who wait 
for Me; they will not be disappointed.