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Date: Mar 25, 2010

This word is submitted by Ann Richards [annrichards@live.co.za]


                            Take Heart

People, you who are crushed and forsaken.......hear the word of the Lord!

Take heart!  I am raising up a new generation of followers that will 
chase after Me. They will run after Me with a new vengeance, they will 
mount their chariots like Jehu in view of the destruction of My enemies.  
They will not be afraid or back down. They will hunt their enemies down 
and I will arm and empower them to take the victory.

Those who have been bound in chains or trapped in dungeons, don't give up
your hope in Me. Keep on hoping and praying, for I have not forgotten you;
you are Mine and I will never leave or forsake you. I am raising up a new
people, and I am raising up new shepherds. They will be shepherds that 
have seen My wrath, vengeance and authority against the enemy. They will 
shepherd My people with love and devotion; who are not unfamiliar with 
My people's suffering, who are not deaf to the cry of my people or dumb 
to speak forth healing and deliverance. There is still hope in Gilead, 
there are still doctors there.

Call on Me and I will give you rest, and deliver you from evil.