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Date: Mar 23, 2010

This word is submitted by Steve Bliss [godsfire@msn.com]


                          Spiritual Childbirth                    

Do not be surprised, for I can accomplish much from what you sense as 
chaos. Open yourself to the possibilities that I have set before you. 
Know that what I am about to accomplish will come after what you feel 
is the darkest time; just as daylight follows the night sky.

Do not be weary and do not give up, for My light shines brightest in the 
darkness. I was present before the first evening set upon the horizon,
and ever since, there has always been a new day after the dark. 

I am always as work in your life and I am yet creating. I am birthing 
new things in you. And just like childbirth in the natural, it does not 
come without turmoil of thoughts and physical exertion. There are two 
ways struggling within you--the natural way and My supernatural way. 
They coincide, yet often seem to war with one another.

I am bringing forth those who will stand firm in Me. They will see into
the chaos and sense the pain of others. They will speak forth the word
of truth, and everlasting life will blossom. It will flow forth as 
fountains of water erupting from beneath a crusty ground.

I am releasing a new refreshing--My living water which brings forth a 
healing anointing. Those who bathe in what is released will flow as I 
lead them. They will serve the living-God and they will revel in My 
glory being released.