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Date: Mar 22, 2004

This word is submitted by Teresa Seputis (ts@godspeak.org)


                     I Have Not Disqualified You

Do not be afraid, child of Mine, for I am with you.  I will not leave
you and I will not forsake you.  And I will not throw you away or
disqualify you when you make a mistake or fall briefly into sin.

The enemy is trying to make you afraid that you have disqualified
yourself; that you have made too bad of a mistake or failed too many
times for Me to use you any longer.  The enemy is trying to come at
you with condemnation and disqualification.  But I have already told
you how I feel about his strategy in Romans 8:1.  Child of Mine, the
blood of Jesus prevails for you and there is no condemnation from Me
to you. Do you understand what that means, child of Mine?

It means that you do not have to be so afraid of displeasing Me that you
pull away from Me in fear.  Instead, when you sin or make a mistake,
run to Me and allow Me to wash you and to cleanse you.  Do not listen 
to the devil, for the blood of Jesus still prevails for you.  I am not 
a Father who condemns His children and My Son Jesus is not a judge that 
condemns His own.  Condemnation is reserved for those who refuse to come 
to the light because they love darkness and because their hearts and 
their deeds are evil.  

But you, child of Mine, you have already come to the light when you 
received My Son as your Lord and Savior and King.  And what He has 
accomplished on the cross and in His resurrection has already been
applied to you. It is not about you or anything that you do or think
or say.  When you receive My Son, He is the one that breaks the 
power of condemnation over you and He is the One who cleanses you 
and presents you holy before Me. And He is the one who keeps you. 
So when you do wrong, you do not need to be afraid to run to your 
God and repent the instant you realize you are in sin -- for I say 
to you that My forgiveness is not based on you and your behavior.  
It is based on My Son and what He has already accomplished for you 
on Calvary.

This means that you do not have to be afraid that I have decided not 
to use you in My kingdom purposes any more.  Child, I still have much 
for you to do. Do not be afraid that I have disqualified you, for I 
have not done that.  Do not listen to the accuser's lies, for I do 
not disqualify My children.  It is not in My nature to do so.  

Do not misunderstand Me. I do not tolerate a life of sin or disobedience. 
I am a loving Father who will bring correction to those of My own who 
disobey Me or who rebel against Me.  I will cause My spirit to convict 
them and if they do not respond to that, then I will work in their 
circumstances to chastise them, that they might turn from their sin and 
run back to Me.  I will not tolerate sin and disobedience in My own. I 
will take appropriate action to turn My rebellious children back into 
the path that they should walk in.  But I do not disqualify them, and 
I will not disqualify you.  I do not turn My back on you and I do not 
reject you.  Even in the natural, a father may chastise a disobedient 
child, but what father disowns a toddler just because it did something 
worthy of correction?   

I am a good father. You human father faced limitations and carried the 
flaws of a fallen nature.  I do not. I am able to love completely and 
I am able to forgive completely. I restore My children, I do not destroy 
them. So, child, do not fear that I will disqualify you because of your 
mistakes. I do not do that.  That type of behavior is what the accuser of 
your souls does.  But you do not belong to him any more and he does not 
have power over you to disqualify you.  His power over you was broken 
when My Son rose from the dead, triumphant over Satan over the bondage 
of sin and death.  And His claim over you was removed when you believed 
in the name of My Son and received Him as your lord and master.  At that 
time, you were transplanted out of the kingdom of darkness and you were 
placed into My kingdom.  

And at that time I gave you kingdom tasks to do with Me, that your joy 
might be full and that you might have a sense of purpose and destiny.  
And I will not take that away from you because you make a mistake. If 
your heart is hard or rebellious before Me, then I will begin to work 
in your life to chastise you and to break that rebellion and turn you 
back to right relationship with Me.  And I will be faithful to chastise 
you as a loving father until My chastisement completes its work in you 
and you once again walk in My ways and obey Me.  But if your heart is 
submissive and repentant before Me, then I will be pleased to forgive 
and restore you without having to chastise you.  Either way, I do not 
disqualify you.

Allow My Spirit and My truth to wash over you and to make this real to
you. Child of Mine, I have not disqualified you from participating with
Me in My kingdom purposes, and I will never do so.