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This word is submitted by Darren Hollingsworth (reuwel@powerup.com.au)

Ask Me

This is what the Lord says to the church. Ask me for the nations and I will give them to you. I have said I will give you what you ask for if you will only fear not and believe. I want you to come home, My children. I will fill you with good things, I will clothe you in righteousness, I will make you strong, and I will heal your wounds and forgive your sins. Turn from your ways, and let me guide your paths. I will lead you into all righteousness, says the Lord.

Let the weak say I am strong, let the poor say they are rich, and Let the blind say they can see. The Lord says to His Children, come to me you who are weary, come to me you who are burdened. Come to me you who thirst and hunger for I will feed you and give you living water that you may not thirst again. For this My Son died and rose again. I will pour out upon you My mercy. I will lift your burden and place my yoke upon you, for My yoke is easy and my burden is light, Says the Lord.

He who has ears to hear, listen to My words, says the Lord. I am coming again, be encouraged, I will come for you and where I am you will be too. Are you willing, My children to go into all the world and preach to the lost? Are you willing to do My will? My children, My children, come to me. For I will heal your land and grant, you peace in it if you will obey My Word. Nothing is too much for Me, pray, dear children, and I will hear from Heaven. Oh how I long to pour out my blessing on you, dear children. Draw near to Me and listen to My heart. Are you willing? Who will go for Me? Who m shall I send? Again, I say to you, dear children, ask for the nations and I will give them to you. Says the Lord God.

In His Will,