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Date: Mar 12, 2010

This word is submitted by Bill Hardaway [WKent1954@aol.com]


                       Victory Is At Hand

The time is quickly approaching when the enemy of your soul will flee 
into the darkness before you. A time is coming when My glory will come 
upon you. Then, no matter what the enemy desires, all he can do is 
retreat before you. My glory brings light upon the darkness; the 
darkness fades away quickly and the truth is revealed. 

Today you may feel surrounded by darkness, and all may seem lost. But 
you will rise up in power as the dawn of My glory appears. You will 
chase that which has caused you so much trouble and despair. Yes, the 
enemy will retreat from you because I have ordained it to be so. I am 
the God of Heaven and earth and there is no other.

Rejoice for your freedom from bondage and despair is near. You will 
rise up and watch as the enemy disappears before you. I will give you 
this victory so that you will know that My love for you is endless. 
The end of your suffering is near and your victory is at hand. So