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Date: Mar 10, 2004

This word is submitted by William Hardaway (WKent1954@aol.com)


                      Put All Behind You

Do not fret or worry, for I am leading you in the way that I desire for 
you to go. Give up on the ways you have traveled in the past, and allow 
Me to show you My ways.

Nothing that you can imagine can match the fullness of My Spirit, that I 
am leading you into. Nothing can match My grace, love, and power that I 
am about to pour upon you. Nothing can match basking in the love I am 
about to bestow upon you.

So rejoice........you are about to put behind all that has hindered you 
so greatly. Rejoice for I am drawing ever nearer unto you, and soon you 
will radiate My glory and presence.

I am your ever present help in time of trouble.