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Date: Mar 9, 2010

This word is submitted by Rob Armstrong [ridge_007@cox.net]


                      Possessing The Promise

My child, if the promises of My prophets of the Old Covenant came to 
pass, how much more shall the promises in My Son stand sure? If the 
testimony of angels was exact and sure, how much more shall the promises 
of My Son be established? You can rest a sure that My Word shall stand 
and speak at its appointed time. 

Did I not say that the grass faded and the flower falls away, but 
the Word of Thy God shall stand forever? Know this day that you can 
rest in My promises, and by faith receive the manifestation of the 
promises spoken unto thee. 

Does not the Shepherd know how to keep the sheep given to Him without 
losing one? Have faith in Me. I and My Word are one. All of the 
resources of the kingdom is vested in meeting every word spoken to 
you. Search the Scriptures and see where I have failed, or where I 
have not did that which I said I would do. 

I tell you of a truth, this is the time for you to shout while the 
walls are still up. Did I not say that they are coming down? Do you 
believe your circumstances more than My word? Are you walking by sight 
and not by faith? Didn't my Word say, everything that is not faith is 

My child you have a part in the manifestation of the promises spoken 
to you. I say unto you this day that you can possess My promises by 
faith. Did I not give thee the keys of The Kingdom? Did I not give you 
the power to bind and to loose? Did not I say, "On this Rock I will 
build My church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it?" 
Has My promise been breached? Has the evil one been able to supplant 
My bride? 

I am truth, and in Me is no darkness or failure. I delight in giving 
you the kingdom, and bringing to pass the promises I have spoken to 
you. In Me, you can call those things that are not as though they are. 
Walk in Me, and I will withhold no good thing from you. Did I not say 
that you, My child, shall be a witness unto Me in Samaria and Judea 
and the uttermost part of the earth? 

Yes, My child, you have the faith to possess the promises if you be 
not weary in well doing.