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This word is submitted by Hollie Moody (hlmoody61@aol.com)

Broken By God To Be Used God

My church wants to stand. I want them to kneel. My church wants to shout. I want them to weep. My church wants to dance for joy. I want them to mourn. My church wants to be blessed. I want them to humble themselves before Me. My church wants a message that tickles their ears and scratches only the surface of their heart. I want my people to rend their hearts before Me. My church feels self sufficient. I will allow that spirit of pride to be beaten and pounded from them. I will allow situations to enter their lives that will bring them to their knees, and bring them back to a first love experience with me.

I will take my people into my hands, and squeeze and press the worldliness and sin from them. Only then, when all has been taken from them, and they feel they have been left with nothing, will I be able to breathe new life into them and give them a true spirit of worship and praise. It is when My people return unto Me with all their heart that I will bless them and will be able to use them to speak My words and My heart to My lost and dying sheep.

My children must not seek to be blessed, but to be a blessing. My children must not seek to feel good about their walk and their relationship with Me, but must realize how needy and naked and empty they are apart from Me. It is only when My church is broken, that I will be able to use her to My glory.

I call My church to repentance. I call My church to prayer. I call My church, back to Myself.

~~ hollie