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Date: Feb 10, 2003

This word is submitted by Laurie Stone (stone@swpc.net)


          The Love of God Flowering Within You

My loved ones, you must overcome the trials that you face.  Fear not,
the time is almost over for you to endure this time of harvest.
Continue to love the One that endures with you with a pure motive.

My love abounds in you and all that come against you will repent of
their ways.  Continue.  Love Me for you are reaching the heavens with
your loving cries of deliverance for those around you.

Seek Me, My loved ones.  I am in you more today than yesterday.  I have
not left you alone.  I am always with you.  Never have I left you.
Continue to walk the path chosen for you.   For you will overcome that
put before you.

I am very pleased with the love that flows through you to others no
matter how they behave towards you.  My darlings, you please Me
greatly.  I weep as I see you endure as I did.  Fear not little ones for
you are My soldiers and you will be more bountiful than you could ever
have expected to be in your usable vessels.

I am pleased with you.  Continue to walk in the fruits of My love for
things will heat up more but you are becoming intoxicated by the
fragrance of My love for others.  You are now able to see that My love
was so strong and unbreakable for the people that I was willing to do
whatever it took to save the ones I loved so greatly.

You are creating an example for many to follow. Continue My loved ones,