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Date: Feb 9, 2007

This word is submitted by Rob Lillington [rlillingtons@exemail.com.au]


                      My Precious Child

My precious child, how I adore you. I have called you, and you have
answered. I am so greatly pleased with you. My precious child, I have so
much to show you. I have so much that I am longing to place into your
heart. If you continue to seek Me as you are, you are going to see your
heart filled more and more with My revelations, My jewels.

I know you have been crying out for more of Me and to see more of Me. I am
now going to be showing you more than you realize. You have been distressed
lately; but I say: No longer be distressed, but come to Me and lie under
My wing, and I am going to open your eyes more than ever before. Your eyes
are eyes that I am using to give you compassion for those around you--
greater love and wisdom for those around you.

You are the head and not the tail. You are above and not beneath, and I
have called you and anointed you for great things. I have seen the doubts
that have been lingering in your mind lately, and I have seen the ways that
the enemy has tried to bring things of the past back to haunt you. But do
not worry, My child, for I am with you. I am raising a standard against
the evil one, and he will not harm you.

You are My warrior and My mouthpiece. I have placed the words you need in
your mouth. You are speaking them forth in ways that you may not have ever
thought you would, but you are. You are speaking forth all that I have
shown you, and I am well pleased.

I have seen you silently struggling, and I am with you. I am breaking
forth in your life, and no longer will you have to struggle silently.
The struggle is almost over. There is nothing greater than Me, and there
is nothing greater in you than Me.

My child, do not worry about whether you are in the right place, for you
are; I have placed you exactly where you need to be. You are anointed,
and even though you may not be seeing the fruition yet, I have called
you and anointed you. Soon you will see the fruition of My promises to
you. My precious child, I adore you, and I am so proud of you.

Come, rest in Me and let Me show you My heart for you. This will remove
all things from you that are not of Me. As you see more and more of My
heart for you, you will be more and more confident of who you are in Me
and what I have called you to. My warrior, My child, I am greatly pleased
with you. Come and continue to cuddle up to Me and listen to all I have
to tell you, and the great refreshing you long for will be poured forth
in your life.