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Date: Dec 25, 2001

This word is submitted by Teresa Seputis (ts@godspeak.org)


                         No Bandaids

Children, I am a faithful Father, and I have a great love and a great 
care for each of you.  And many of you have issues in your life that 
seem big to you that seem overwhelming at times.  But know that I am 
in control and that I am well able to work My glory in each situation.  

Child, remember the days where you were young and would fall down and 
skin your knee? And you would go running to your mother and she would 
kiss it and then put a bandaid on it?  Some of you have learned to look 
for bandaids for your situation to ease the pain or to get you by.  
But child, I am not a God who puts a bandaid on it.  I am a God who 
cleans it out, who blows My healing wind on it and causes there to be 
a restoration.  Do not look for a quick relief.  Rather look for My 
power and My glory and My anointing to come into your situation.

For I say to you that it is My desire to transform, to empower, to give 
you the victory and to cause you to walk in the fullness of My plans 
for you.  And My plans for you are good -- they are life and they are 
delight -- for I am a loving Father.

So don't come to Me for a bandaid.  Rather come to me for a complete 
healing.  For it is My desire to heal your hearts, to heal your 
situations, to transform, to work My glory in you and to cause My 
anointing and My power to rest upon you.  I have created you to be an 
overcoming one; to be one who walks with Me and does with Me what I am 
doing.  And I am well able to cause you to walk in the fullness of My 
plans and purposes for you.

Look to Me, for I am with you and I will work My glory in your situation.
Trust Me, and I will bring it to pass.  For I am a good God and a loving 
Father who cares greatly for you.