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Date: Dec 2, 2005

This word is submitted by Jane Larsen (jlarsen65@hotmail.com)


                           Wind of Change

        [I had a vision where I saw old leaves being blown away.  They
        were orange and yellow and brown, their colors fading, and the
        wind swept them all up and blew them down a long corridor,
        leaving the path clean and uncluttered.  I heard a door slam
        shut on them and, as the bare and fresh path glowed before me,
        the Lord laid this in me....]

"All the pains and the trials that you have endured are now from the past.
They are now over, they are from yesterday.

This has been a year of much sorrow for many of My children.  A year of
stripping away, of pulling apart, of tears and questions you daren't ask.
You have stood in the midst of shifting seasons and often felt alone,
suspended, barely able to take the next step.  Work, much work, has been
going on around you and within you, and soon you shall understand why, for I
keep nothing from you.

The seasons have shifted again and there will be no sorrow.  The old has
fallen away, see, I have swept it into the corridors of yesterday, I have
closed the door on the old and made way for the new.  It is all before you,
new and fresh and called 'Today.'

Walk in the anointing that is upon you.  I have called you by name.  I have
set you free.  I have washed away your sins so you stand clean and white as
snow before Me.  I have made a way where there seemed to be no way, a path
through the desert, a route in the wilderness, an island in the sea.  You.
You, sweet one, are the apple of my eye, walk, walk into what today holds
for you and leave the past behind closed doors.

Today may be what you hoped, what you imagined.  Trust Me.  Do I not want
only the best for you?  Can you see ahead into all that I have planned, or
wish to change it if you could?  Remember that as you grew in the depths of
your mother's womb, I knew the path you would tread, I knew already each day
of your life, and I planned to walk each moment with you.  Lean.  Lean on Me
for My shoulders are strong and wide and there is nothing I cannot do.  Move
into the newness of today and do not look back."