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Date: November 12, 2009

This word is submitted by Rob Armstrong [ridge_007@cox.net]



In this season you shall know if you only believe, and you shall see 
that I the Lord your God am a jealous God. I will not share you, 
neither will I lend you, for you are Mine, and I am jealous over My own. 

I called you from your mother's womb--even before you were there, I 
knew you. I called you forth to go to the nations, in this season. Yea, 
if you hear My voice, then hearken unto My voice, know that I have 
called you. Heed My voice and go forth. 

I have prepared you for this season. I pruned you, I cut you back and 
now this is the season for you to bloom. Yea, when none could see who 
you were, when none knew your identity; when you had no title and you 
had nothing but the Lord your God pruning thee, cutting you back, 
making you. I am the husbandman! I am preparing you to bright forth 
your fruit, the fruit of the vine. I am the Lord and you are the branch 
of My tree. I am He who planted you. I have turned My face upon you for 
good in this season. 

You shall know that the Lord thy God have called you with a holy call 
to walk holy, holy, holy, holy! Holiness is My very essence. It is My 
very nature. You know not of holiness, I give it to you. Yes, I teach 
you in My ways, I teach you about holiness: how to walk holy, how to 
live holy. It is more than abstinence from things, and doing things. 
It is more than that, it is carrying My very essence is what makes you 

When I am lifted up, and dwell in your vessel, you shall be holy unto 
the Lord even as in the old covenant the utensil were holy in the Holy 
of Holies. Even so, when I am lifted up, in you, even so are you holy.