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This word is submitted by Sharon Marks (sschmalfuss@snet.net)


Vision: The Pilot of My Life

Father showed me a sail boat (very large). The sails were torn and battered, the rudder and compass broken. The only means to propel the boat was 2 oars. He then showed me many, many people out in the sea, a far distance away. Their only hope was this broken down sail boat.

I began to repair the sails and the mast. I put in a new compass and repaired the rudder. I looked at the boat and it looked like new. I climbed in and made ready to set sail and Father stopped me. He spoke and said "You have done well for as far as you have gone, but are you fully prepared for what lies ahead once you head out?" I thought a moment and said "Father, what have I forgotten".

He pointed to the sails and said ASK Me for a fresh wind to give You haste in Your journey. He pointed to the compass-keep your eyes on Me, do not rely on things that you can read falsely or can mis-inform you.

He pointed to the rudder and said "whose hand rests upon that rudder-yours--or the Father's??!? Then He pointed to the ship's wheel--who will steer this ship in rough seas? Who is in control of the ship of your life? You or I? Will you rely on My wind to fill your sails or are those oars there because your faith isn't as it should be in me? When navigating through the sea to find the lost and bring them in, are you skilled enough in Me and the way you should go, not to make them casualties instead?

I have supplied you with all you need and you have done well as far as you have gone. Now trust in me to lead you, to guide you, to steer you through all the seas and storms ahead. Take away all the crutches of the world--SET SAIL!--My hand is on the wheel,My Spirit brings the wind to Your sails, and My father's hand rest upon the rudder. I have never left you. I will never leave nor forsake you.

You have been prepared for this time; keep your heart and eyes steadfast on me My child. Get ready !! For soon I will send My Wind. When I call You to "come forth in Me" will you? WILL you?!!? How strong IS your faith. Can I bend you-how far? Will you stop Me when it begins to hurt or will you trust Me to mend what needs mending and bend what needs bending.

Remember child--I will not give you what you cannot handle. Do not go before Me but do not stay when I call. Obey My every command and you WILL prosper in what I have ordained for you and sent you to do.

Do you HEAR it? Can you FEEL it? My WIND comes!