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Date: Nov 7, 2005

This word is submitted by Teresa Seputis (ts@godspeak.org)


                              The Worship Game

        [This "word" is going to be a bit different than what you are
        used to.  It is exactly not a prophesy, but it is a passing on
        of some divine information.  The Lord has taken me to Heaven a
        few times in visions and He wants me to share a tiny piece of
        what Heaven is like with you.

        From time to time people ask me what Heaven is like. Sometimes I
        can't answer that because I have seen things I am not allowed to
        discuss. But most of the time it is because I am so taken with
        God's presence that I focus my attention on Him and don't pay much
        attention to my surroundings.

        Sometimes when God wants to teach me something, He explicitly calls
        my attention to this or that thing in Heaven.  As a result, I have
        learned a little about what Heaven is like.  I felt prompted to
        share a little with you that God showed me about Heaven...]

Someone once told me, "Heaven is just one big party that never ends."
That is not quite true: Heaven is so much more than just a big celebration.
But celebration is certainly a part of it.  Sometimes we get so serious
in our approach to God down here on earth, and we forget (or don't realize)
just how playful and delightful He can be.

God wants us to know how much fun we can have in Him.  That is why He
wants me to share a little bit of His lighter side with you.  I am going
to tell you about a game that is "played" in Heaven, mostly by the angels.
I hope this will bless and inspire you and give you a hint of how vast
and wonderful and fun the God who you worship is.

The Worship Game -- Played By The Angels

Angels are often on assignment for the Lord, but they also have times
when they are not busy.  And sometimes a small group of them will get
together to play a worship game.

The jest of the game is that a small group of angels stand in a circle and
take turns going around the circle.  When it is their turn, each angel
shares one thing about God that is a reason why He should be worshipped.
They usually select themes to limit what they are allowed to share in this
circle, or any one game would go on for all eternity.  Let me give you a
few examples of themes.  One theme might be something along the lines of
"Wonderful aspects of God's character," or "Awesome things God did through
His people" or "Good things God does for His people" or "Wonderful things
God created." There is also a myriad of worship topics that angels understand
and we don't have a clue about.  Sometimes one of those angelic topics
is chosen as the theme for their worship game.

Angels are not constrained by time the way we are, but if they were, then
a single game would take maybe 50 or so years to play.  They keep going
around a circle taking turns until all but one are eliminated. When it is
their turn, each angel shares something along the lines of their selected
theme to worship God about.  Then they all spend some time worshipping Him
for that thing.  Then it is the next angel's turn. They continue going around
the circle until an angel does something to be eliminated.

There appear to be three things that can eliminate an angel: 1) they get
so caught up in worship they simply cannot keep playing, 2) they say
something outside of the worship theme for that game, or 3) they repeat
something another angel said earlier in that game. (I believe the Holy
Spirit helps them keep track of when something is repeated.)

When an angel does something to become eliminated, the other angels all
smile and laugh and pat the eliminated angel on the back.  The eliminated
angel doesn't leave the game, it merely takes on a new role in the game.
It stops taking turns to suggest things to worship God for, but it doesn't
stop worshipping.  In fact, the elimination appears to somehow free that
angel to move into a higher realm of worship, and it is able to respond
to that the others suggest with an even deeper level of worship.  I don't
know what they call that role, but I am going to call it a "dedicated

As the number of dedicated worshippers in the group increases, the worship
anointing on that small group of angels also increases. That makes it harder
for the remaining "players" to successfully take their turn without getting
lost in worship themselves. They become more likely to loose track of what
was said or to suggest an out-of-theme reason for worshipping God.

Let me give you an example of something that might eliminate an angel. Say
the theme was "Things Jesus did on the earth," and the angels might refer
to this teaching or to that healing, etc.  If one of the angels said, "I
worship God because He knows all things," he would have accidentally
switched themes to "God's nature and characteristics" when he was supposed
to be on the theme of "Things Jesus did."  That angel would be eliminated
and become a dedicated worshipper.  However, the other angels in the group
would probably pause to worship God because He knows all things before
moving on with the game. When there is only one angel left who has not
become a dedicated worshipper, that angel calls out thing after thing to
worship God about until he can not go on any longer.

I thought that the last angel to be eliminated was the winner.  But I was
wrong about that and an angel came to correct my misunderstanding as I
wrote this.  It turns out that there is not a single winner; that was never
the goal of the game.  Instead, everyone "wins" when the worship anointing
in their little group gets so strong that all of them are overcome with
God's presence and none of them can continue making suggestions about why
God should be worshipped.  Once they reach that point, the entire group of
players spends some quality worship time before the Lord.  They God "lost
in His goodness" and have a blast (e.g., wonderful time) worshipping Him.
Reaching that point in worship is the goal of the game.

By the way, God told me that He enjoys this game too!