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Date: Nov 6, 2008

This word is submitted by Claudia Mondesire [CMondesire@aol.com]


             Restoration Wave

The light of My fire will light the way for you to walk into your victory.
You will not be ashamed, for the devil is defeated; your enemy will not 
triumph over you. No weapon that is formed against you will prosper. What 
was meant for evil, I will turn it around for your good.

Begin to worship Me with your whole heart, as as you do:
 See yourself in the winners circle--
  See your family whole--
   See your children healed--
    See your finances restored--
     See your ministry flourishing--
For I the Lord God call you blessed.

I am the Lord your God, and I have called you into My marvelous light. 
The enemy of your soul can't stand My light; so he will flee from you 
seven ways. 

I will keep every promise that I have made to you. But you must obey Me 
and fulfill your call to 'Go ye therefore and preach the gospel.' 

I am sending you so you can be a blessing. Through you, My people will 
receive healing, deliverance, hope and salvation. I am returning for 
My Bride and I don't want any to perish. I have chosen you to help 
fulfill My desire--you are chosen to be fishers of men.  

Have you caught any fish lately?

Use the fruit of the spirit for bait--the fish can't resist this fruit--
and you will catch many. 

Before you go out, prepare with prayer and fasting. Put on your armor and 
go beloved, for you have work to do.