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This word is submitted by Angel Howard (Angel5of5@aol.com)

Raising up apostles

I am shaking up the theology and doctrine of men and am establishing MY CHURCH. Out of rubble she will rise up, meek and gentle but carrying my power and authority. Through trials and adversity she has been tested and refined.

Just as Paul was an apostle sent to the gentiles and Peter to the Jews, so now my apostles have their charges (calling/orders) and are being called to the church to call out others
Apostles to the pastors
Apostles to the prophets
Apostles to the evangelists......
and Great moves of my might and power shall be seen as never before upon the earth.

These Apostles will stand as bridges to unite the diverse giftings and callings. They will speak forth Unity. With great discernment and wisdom I have raised them. Look Not to the Expected and the 'norm' but look with the eyes of your spirit.

Hear them crying out? "Make straight the way, make straight the way" for MY Day is even Now Upon you says the Lord.''

Humbly submitted
in His service,
Angel Howard