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Date: October 31, 2003

This word is submitted by Teresa Seputis (ts@godspeak.org)


                       Walk In My Authority

Your enemy is a defeated foe, but he is still a dangerous foe. Much of 
his power lies in his ability to lie and deceive and stir up fear.  He 
will try to use this strategy on you.  He will try to make you afraid to 
do real kingdom work for fear of upsetting him.  He will try to convince 
you that if you leave his interests alone, then he will leave your 
interests alone.

Child, this is a lie, don't believe it.  I will explain the reason you
must not believe his lie, but first let Me teach you of power and 

There are three different and distinct levels of power and authority. 
The first is My power and authority, and nothing is greater than that.  
My power is so much above the devil's power that there is no room for 
comparison.  For I am the creator and he is but one of My creations.  
He is small before Me.  My resources far exceed his.  And My knowledge 
and wisdom far exceed his. And My authority is much greater than his.

The second level of power and authority is that of the angelic realm.
These spirit beings carry a level of power and authority.  Their power
comes from Me, but I have given it to them as a gift and they are
able to use it as they desire.  There are differing levels of power 
among the spirit realm, some are more powerful than others.  All are 
more powerful than unassisted man, but none possess even a portion of 
what I possess.  Many of the angels love and honor Me and have chosen
to use the power that I have given them ONLY to accomplish My plans
and purposes. Therefore they watch Me and do only what I am doing.
They listen to Me and say only what I am saying.  They choose to use
their power to obey Me and to do only what I instruct them to do.

Others of the angels have rebelled against Me.  Satan and his demons are 
fallen angels. Their power, a gift from Me, has not yet been revoked.  
Therefore, they do possess some measure of power and they have chosen to 
use it for their own devices.  They rebel and war against My plans and 
purposes, hoping to accomplish their own.  Some of the stronger demons 
are as strong as some of the stronger angels.  Have you not read when the 
Prince of the Kingdom of Persia opposed one of My angels, and delayed him 
three weeks in completing his assignment.  Their strength and power were 
roughly equivalent. In this case, My angel and the demonic principality
had about the same level of power.  But there is one important difference.  
I will lend My strength and My power and My authority to My angels when 
they need it to accomplish My purposes.  But I will never lend My strength 
or power to assist the enemy in opposing Me.  I will empower My own 
servants to accomplish My purposes, so My side always has more power
and authority than the devil's side.  For I will accomplish My kingdom 
purposes and nothing will prevail against Me.

The third level of power is that of unassisted man.  For this time and
season, human beings are created with less power and authority than any 
of those in the angelic realm.  Therefore demons, who are fallen angels,
have more power and authority than human beings.  Even the least of the 
demons has power to influence and harm people.  That is why spirits of 
infirmity are able to blind and cripple and kill.  That is why demons may 
take control over some people and strongly influence their thinking and 
their behavior.  I set man to subdue the earth, Satan subdued man and 
as a result, he has taken authority over the earth.  So, at this point in 
time and history, the demonic is more powerful than unassisted man.

But child, I have good news for you.  I won back all authority when I
went to Calvary as a sinless sacrifice.  I conquered sin and death when
I allowed Myself to be slain and when I rose from the dead.  And I have
taken this authority that I have won, and  I have given it to My church.
So when one of My servants stands against a demon, they do not stand
unassisted. They stand in My power and authority, which makes them 
greater than even the strongest and most powerful of the demons.  But
the key to this authority is that they must be My servants, serving Me.
They must watch Me and do only what I am doing, even as I watched the
Father and did only what He was doing.  And as you accomplish My purposes,
you go in My power and My authority, and you have authority over all of 
the power of the devil.  He is powerless before you because of what I
accomplished on Calvary.  I give you My authority over Satan and his  
demons when you are actively doing My work in obedience to Me.  You are
no longer unassisted, you walk in My power and in My authority.

Now that you understand the three levels of power, let Me explain why you
must not believe the devil's lie.  The devil wants you to believe that if
you leave his interests alone, that he will leave your interests alone.
That lie is designed to lure you out of the authority I have given you.
You must watch what I am doing and do it with Me and then you walk in My
authority. And I am actively building up My kingdom and advancing it, which
tears down the devil's kingdom.  You can not leave his interests alone 
if you are doing what I am doing.  And as soon as you begin to leave 
his interests alone out of fear of upsetting him, then you begin to walk 
outside of the authority that I have given you.  You become unassisted 
and his power becomes much greater than yours. And when you allow yourself 
to get into that state, then he will attack you mercilessly.  For he is 
the destroyer of your souls and his goal is to kill, steal and destroy. 
You do not get him to leave you alone by being afraid of him and choosing
to leave him alone.  Rather, you give him authority over you, that he might
torment you.

Likewise, you will walk out of My authority when you choose to do things
I am not doing.  If you choose to attack the devil in ways that I have
not specified or at times that I have not specified, then you are not 
doing what I am doing.  And you will end up doing this in your own power
and authority, which is lower that his.  So do not put your focus on him.
Do not allow the devil to dictate how you behave.. do not allow him to
guide you into things I am not doing.  And do not allow him to frighten
you out of doing what I am doing.   

Instead put your eyes on Me and put your focus on Me and put your 
attention on Me.  Walk with Me where I am going and don't worry about 
the devil and what He is doing.  He has no power over you when you are 
fully submitted to Me.  He is not dangerous to you when you are about 
only doing My business and doing what the Father is doing to advance the 
kingdom of God. The enemy has been defeated by My death and resurrection,
for I am the God of all power and you belong to Me.