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Date: Oct 26, 2006

This word is submitted by John Bullard [john.r.bullard@lmco.com]


                     Lighthouse of God

My life seems to be controlled by the raging sea,
    But in the distance there's a light shining for me.

The lighthouse is lit to help me steer my course,
    And He bids me softly, without using any force.

Every time I look up, the light is always there,
    I never feel alone, for I know He's always here.

My ship may be tossed by the wind and the sea,
    But my pilot is Jesus and He steers my life for me.

I don't always see the rocks, until we're safely by,
    For I can't see very far, but He has a special eye.

He sees the jagged rocks and knows the shallow parts,
    He steers my life quietly, by speaking to my heart.

The lighthouse of God beckons me to rest in Him,
    For Jesus knows how to bring my ship safely in.

Every time panic strikes, He says "Just rest, My son,
    For I know the channel, for God and I are one."