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The follow word is submitted by Deb Kober (djkober@mhtc.net)


You Are My Workmanship

You are MY workmanship...I have provided all that you need. Now you shall learn to walk in it. I will stir up those gifts that I have engraved into your very being and you shall walk forth in boldness and as you speak signs, wonders and miracles shall be made manifest before you very eyes. Step in faith, and do not walk by sight any longer. Do not let the things of this world hinder you. I AM...and I have sent you. You are MINE...MY WORKMANSHIP and I have created you for such as time as this.

Go forth my children, for I am the one stirring your hearts and causing them to hunger to do those things that I have spoken to you. Trust me, for I know the plans, I know the way...and all things shall be accomplished. Will you walk? Will you believe me for my word?

I say yes, YOU ARE MY WORKMANSHIP and all things shall come to pass in their appointed time. Believe and before your very eyes you shall see.