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Date: Oct 8, 2007

This word is submitted by Teresa Seputis [ts@godspeak.net]


                          Good Things

Trust Me in all things, and you will be amazed at what I will do for
you. My desire is to give you good gifts beyond what you can think or

Dear one, you have gotten this poverty mentality in your mind, and
your limited expectations are hindering My ability to bless you. Stop
trying to base how much blessing I want to pour out on what you think
you can afford or what you believe you deserve. Allow Me to be generous
to you, My dear child.

I have so much for you, more than you can think or imagine. I am a
loving Father who delights to give good gifts to His dear children.
So do not hinder Me in this. Do not make excuses in your mind and
thinking of why I should not bless you. Instead, open your hands and
your heart, and receive the good gifts that I desire to pour out on

Receive My blessings, dear one, and do not hinder Me in this, for I
have so many good things I want to do for you.