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Date: Jan 15, 2003

This word is submitted by Jane Larsen (jlarsen65@hotmail.com)


                            The Releasing

I am releasing great power.  Many have been praying down heaven and there
shall be a tearing and a pouring down of power and of favour.  Do not cease
now, do not stop.  Remain persistent.  Continue in the way I have led.
There are not many steps left to take.  There is a shuddering in the earth,
there is change coming, a pouring forth of power and strength from on High.
I have heard the cries and I have seen the battle and the answers are coming
through.  Now is not the time to be weary.  Now is the time to tighten your
armour and stand and face me, set your faces as flint towards me.  No arrow
will harm you, no, not even dent your armour.  For you are refined and
tested as gold.  Lean not on your own understanding, neither look upon what
you can see, for change is coming, great change.  You have waited, you have
persevered for a time such as this.  Tighten your armour, tighten it.