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Date: Jan 11, 2005

The word is submitted by Jane Larsen (jlarsen65@hotmail.com)


                             Lonely Road

You have often felt that you walked alone down a road that led nowhere.  
With dust on your feet and weariness in your soul, you have trudged the 
lonely miles and there have been no passers by to greet you or urge you 
on.  Much has come your way, many forms of trials and testing.  There 
have been many voices calling you to pull you off the road.  

The call of the world is a hard call, a long call, and many leave the 
road to follow its seductive lies.  But that road is seeped in misery 
and loneliness and the joy that is found there is but for a moment.  Let 
us talk about your Spirit and what is beyond the world.  Can you fall for 
its lies and temptations when you know that this life is but a moment, 
just a fleeting breath?  Can you forget what awaits you at the end of 
your walk?  I have promised that I will make a way out of any temptations 
that come your way.  I will not force and I will not threaten. But I will 
show you another door -- the one called Truth, the one called Love.  

I have promised I will not bend a bruised reed.  I promised I will be 
with you always, even unto the ends of the Earth.  My promises are YES 
and AMEN, they are wrapped in truth, they are fulfilled by the blood of 
My Son.  I am not here to harm, I am here to love.  I take your sins when 
you lay them before Me, and I throw them into the sea of forgetfulness 
and I remember them no more.  You are My precious and so beloved one.  
Come home.  Wipe the dust from your feet and the tears from your eyes and 
do not try to hide from Me, for My arms are open and I am waiting for you.

I walk this long road with you and I never leave your side.  See, here I 
stand, beside you.