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Date: Jan 10, 2008

This word is submitted by Bill Hardaway [WKent1954@aol.com]


                        Cry Out To Me

Do not fear the hand of the enemy that is coming against you. It is
true that you have suffered greatly, but I now say rejoice! I have
been listening to your cries for help and strength. I am moving 
mightily in your direction.

You ask why I have not moved before, when I can do all things? I have 
been patiently been waiting for you. I know your needs before you even 
become aware of them. But it is not until you give up and turn over the
battle to Me; that I can not move with the full extend of My blessings
and power. I have not called you to fight the enemy alone and in the 
flesh. You certainly will not succeed if you try it that way! But I 
will fight for you in the spiritual realm and defeat the enemy for 

When I command "Peace be still," it is done. There is nothing that 
can hinder My power from moving, except those who think they can do it 
on their own.

I will usually wait until you ask for My help and give up on your own 
strength and desires. Why do you punish yourself by suffering so long
and hard? I am waiting for the sweet sound of your voice. It is never 
too late to cry out to Me.

Nothing is too hard for Me, but you will accomplish nothing in your own
strength. The power of the enemy upon you is increasing, that is why you 
feel so oppressed and anxious. I only ask that you cry out to Me. I will 
set you free and lead you to victory. Please do not let pride get in 
your way. Cry out to Me and watch Me move mightily on your behalf.