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This word is submitted by Tammie Gelis (needgrace2@hotmail.com)
My Voice
I keep hearing the Lord say to his body, why is it that you keep saying I cannot hear, when I am continually talking. Why do you say I am so far off when I am near and yes even in you every hour of every day. But I say to you that you need to but remove the hustle and bustle from around you. Set far from you the things making noise, that you are listening to instead of me. Set far from you even the lies that the enemy is whispering in your ears. Set aside the voice of the accuser no matter who that may be. Set aside the voice of the condemner, listen no more to them. Set aside all the business in your life and come to that quiet place, that secret place with me. Then will my voice be like thunder to you. Then will the deafened ears be opened.
Then will your focus become single. Then will you hear with clarity and with new understanding and be able to go forth and boldly speak in my name with my power and authority. Come to the quiet place. Listen to me, hear my every heartbeat. Come to that intimate place with me. Walk with me, talk with me and hear me talk back to you. I will speak to you words of life, words of hope. Come to me.
In His Grace
Tammie Gelis