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This word is submitted by Teresa Seputis (ts@godspeak.org)
I Am With You
My children, know this with absolute assuredness. I am with you and I am for you. My strategies and My desire for you is good.
The enemy has been coming along and whispering in the ears of my people that My plans for my children are not good plans, that they will be a source of hardship and not a source of delight. Children, is time to stop listening to that voice, for the enemy of your souls is a liar and his desire is to destroy you.
Know this, you are carefully made in accordance with My plans for you and with My call on your life. I have created you to feel most fulfilled and most satisfied when you are doing the very things I created you to do.
The enemy has come along with a "me" perspective, where each individual feels they have to watch out for their own self and for their rights and for their own good. But I say to you, that I am much more capable than you are of watching over you for good, of protecting you and taking care of you.
Do you fear My refiner's fire so much that you run away from Me? The purpose of My fire is to get rid of those things that hold you back and to release you into the center of My plans and purposes for you. It is in that place that your joy will be full. I refine that there might be more room to receive My glory, for I desire to pour My glory into you. I desire to fill you and to radiate My presence from you. I desire to cause My anointing to flow through you and to cause you to walk in My victory and in My overcoming power. That is my plan for it. It is a good plan, and your joy will be full as you participate in it with Me.
My child, allow Me to remove the obstacles from you that keep you from going with Me. Allow Me to remove the cancerous growths that work death, not life, within your innermost being. Allow Me to transform your desires and build My character within you, for you are to be a reflection of My character and of My glory.
For I have created you to be a vessel of My glory. I have plans and a purpose for you, real kingdom work that I have created you to do. And you will find satisfaction and fulfillment in doing with Me the things that I have created you to do. Your cup will run over and your joy will be full. And that is My desire for you... fullness of joy, satisfaction and the ability to walk with Me in My victory. Child of mine, My plans for you are very good. And I a powerful God who is well able to accomplish these in your life. So choose My ways and watch My glory come into your situation! For I am with you and My desire for you is good.