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This word is submitted by David Apel (apelexc@mcmsys.com)
Speak it forth!
For it is time to speak it forth! I have brought you into a place and a position that has been predestined from the beginning of time. It is time to take your place. The place I have planned for you. For it shall be a time of love, but it shall also be a time of My wrath. For I love and protect those that diligently seek me and serve me, and call themselves by my name.
But for those that have been half hearted and unwilling to come into the place that I have for them, I shall have no part in them. I shall separate my servants, my true servants, from the chaff and I shall blow the chaff away, so that only the pure seed shall be made visible.
And my seed shall come forth in much fruit and only pure fruit shall remain. To those that remain and are faithful, they shall see my full glory. And there shall be no question that I am with them. They shall see me in their comings in and goings out. I shall be visible in the daylight and at night. No more shall those question that I am with thee, for my full power shall be manifest in these days. But it is a power that is only reserved for a few. A few that are willing to pay the price. To humble themselves and seek my face. Those that are willing to do the battle to protect what I have given them. To face the forces of darkness head on without fear or apprehension. For I am with you for these days to come and no more shall you hunt for me and no more shall I hide from thee. I shall be manifest in full sight for all to see.
God Bless,
David Apel