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This word is submitted by Magdala Corcoran (MagdalaCor@aol.com)


No Authority Over You

Your enemy has no authority over you and he cannot remove the seal I have placed on you. The enemy's job is to discourage you and all too often you allow him to do so. He will 'nit-pick' in your mind until you see only what you think you missed and not the abundance, protection and love you are receiving. He magnifies a very minor problem into a major offense and, at your most vulnerable point, begins to feed you all the ingredients of a pity party which you gladly swallow. This is where some of you break that ownership seal and remove yourself from MY family.

This is the goal of the enemy of your soul! He cannot remove the seal but you can and he spends all his efforts attacking your most vulnerable spots and trying to get you to turn your back on THE ONE WHO DIED FOR YOU. Stand firm in who you are and the protection of 'MY SEAL' upon you and you will walk in victory, no matter what the world and the enemy say."

Submitted for your discernment.
Magdala Corcoran