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This word is submitted by Elvi Glass (yael062005@yahoo.com)


Behold the New Season

Arise oh bride of Christ for a new day is dawning. Cease from looking back and marvel at the things of the past, but behold the future, the new thing I am doing in my bride for a new season is dawning and it is already at hand.

Behold I come in power and I am looking for those who would be willing to stand in my strength, not theirs, dressed in my full armor pushing through the ranks of the enemy possessing the land I have given them.

My promises are true and those I have given to you shall not return void because I have put my name on them and I watch over my name and I watch over my word to accomplish what it has been sent for. Behold the new season requires that you do not look back and reference your past with your present or the amount of my moving in your life in the past with the present but behold the new thing I am doing, for I desire to move in greater measure upon my people and you will see the deliverance of those who have been crying out to me day and night. I have heard their cries and am ready to deliver for the time is ripe and the season is at hand when you see the hand of your God move in power to deliver, heal, restore and bring to completion the things that have been preordained and planned before the creation of the world.

Elvi Glass