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This word is submitted by Carylann Hartley (Chart4God@aol.com)


Rise Up A Cry

There shall rise up a cry from My people, not a cry of fear of pain, but a battle cry that will break every stronghold of the enemy. That cry will come forth in a power that you have not seen or heard before. I am preparing My people now for the time is coming soon when you will need to walk in My power and My strength more than you can even imagine.

Learn to do it now! Learn to be strong in Me! Learn to rely on Me and not yourself or others. Learn to hear and obey My voice instantly so that you will not falter or fall in the days ahead but rather be a part of My Army - advancing to smash the enemy and release My people.

Be ready to shout the battle cry that will set the captives free. Prepare and be free yourself. Come to Me and I will set you free!