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This word is submitted by Kathleen Huang (khlw@saltspring.com)


Like Peter

Yesterday, the Lord began speaking to me about Peter, and how many of His children are in the same situation Peter faced..... Peter walked on the water... had great revelations from the Lord, was privileged to see things that transcended this earthly realm.... miracle after miracle performed by the Lord....Yet.... was faced with the harsh truth about his own heart in denying Jesus.

I feel that many are in the same boat as Peter....You have seen and known and tasted of the Lord's goodness... His reality is beyond doubt to you... you have witnessed the mighty moving of His power in and through you.... Yet.... you have or have gotten yourself in to a position which is equal to denying the Lord... You have like Peter walked into doing certain things, knowing so much better, yet you have entered these things without even blinking it has seemed... and have acted like you didn't even know Him...

The Lord's grace to you is in the "crowing of the rooster", some thing He will send your way that will remind you of the intimacy you once shared with Him, of where you once walked in Him... And His Word to you is, like Peter..., "Satan has desired to sift you like wheat, but I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail, and when you are converted, strengthen your brethren..."

And after your repentance and restoration, your first encounter with Him will not be one of recrimination, no guilt trip from the Lord, no condemnation... no look that says "how could you?" but His question of comfort will be....."Do you love Me?"..... And all else will flow from that....

Submitted for everyone's encouragement